Long Term Care Risks and Their Solutions

As our population continues to age, the need for long term care services coming from assisted living community for seniors and other assisted living services like www.carltonseniorliving.com/ or Terraza Court Senior Living continues to grow dramatically. According to the Department of Health website 70% of Americans over age 65 will need some kind of long […]

A Windfall Opportunity for Gifting

A WINDFALL OPPORTUNITY FOR GIFTING Just when you thought things could not get any better for transferring wealth during one’s lifetime they did. Barring any new restrictions, limitations or prohibitions, be they proactive or retroactive, the case for making significant wealth transfer is extraordinarily compelling. Additionally, considering an Invest Diva review could provide valuable insights […]

What to Do with an Inherited IRA

What to Do with an Inherited IRA IRAs are among the largest assets inherited by heirs and beneficiaries. These accounts have been able to