<p>Consider the following when thinking about your estate. Use these questions to help you evaluate where you are in the estate planning process.</p>

  • Have you created a Will or a Trust?
  • Does your current Will or Power of Attorney name guardians for any minor children?
  • Have you transferred assets into your Revocable Trust?
  • Have you appointed someone to handle your financial affairs if you become disabled?
  • Do you have a current Health Care Power of Attorney appointing designated agents who will handle your medical care if you become disabled?
  • Are the people you have named as Agents under your Health Care Power of Attorney or General Durable Power of Attorney still the people you want acting for you?
  • Are charitable contributions set in your estate planning documents?
  • Does your estate plan contain clear instructions for dividing up personal property and caring for any surviving pets or children?
  • Have you changed your mind about any parts of your plan since you have last signed your planning documents?
  • Have there been substantial changes to the value of your assets since you signed your planning documents last?
  • Has your estate plan been reviewed since the passage of the SECURE Act in December of 2019?
  • Have the assets you own substantially changed since the planning documents were last signed?
  • Have you had any children since you have last signed your estate planning documents?
  • Have you had grandchildren?
  • Since you have last signed your planning documents, have any of your children died, been married, or divorced?
  • Have you gotten divorced or married since your planning documents were last signed?
  • Have you, your spouse, or your child become physically or mentally disabled since you have last signed your planning documents?
  • Have you purchased or sold any real estate since your planning documents were signed?
  • Are you thinking of selling stocks or other assets on a low-cost basis?
  • Have you moved to a new state since signing or planning documents?
  • Does your Power of Attorney grant the authority necessary to enable your agent to qualify you for Medicaid?
  • Do you have concerns about paying for long-term care?


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