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You’ve worked long and hard to provide for your loved ones and to save for the future.  Having done so, who can you trust to preserve what you’ve worked for, help you enjoy the fruits of your labor today, while protecting your legacy and the future financial well-being of the people you care about most?

Founding partner Robert A. Ross has more than 40 years of legal experience. Attorney Jane E. Seusy adds more than 25 years of legal experience of her own. The staff of the Ross Estate Planning, LLC office distinguishes itself by giving caring and professional attention to clients and their advisor teams. We believe in the power of education and speak at seminars and teaching engagements throughout the year.

Ultimately, our goal is not just to help you realize your dreams, but to help you, and the people you love, enjoy peace of mind.  We thank you for investing your time in getting to know us, and we welcome the privilege of working with you in the pursuit of your life goals, dreams, and legacy.

Most of the time when people search for estate planning firms, it is because something has happened in their lives:

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