Retirement Planning Compliments of Uncle Sam

The most-overlooked estate planning tool that’s free to everyone

 What did you do with that envelope that used to arrive once a year with estimates of your future Social Security benefits? You might have reviewed the information. You may have even filed the statement away as a reference. Now, this powerful planning tool is only available by using your computer.

“Often, people don’t think of their Social Security statement when thinking of their financial well-being,” says Rod Griffin, director of public education for Experian. “But your statement can be a valuable planning tool.”

Your SSA statement is now available online at It provides an estimate of the amount of Social Security benefits you could receive upon retiring, but it can also help you with retirement savings strategies and making decisions about estate planning.

To access your statement, go to, create an account and provide the information as prompted. You’ll be able to access your benefit information and even see a history of your annual earnings for every year. For more information on how to live financially smart, go to



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