Summertime isn't just for Vacations

Summertime is for vacations and relaxation. We are on the road frequently. What if you have an accident and are not able to make your medical decisions? Most familys are mistakenly believe that a spouse or at least a close family member can step in. Without Health Care Documents in place, your family won’t be allowed to decide the level of support you will receive. Your family may even be forced to go to the county Probate Court to get a legal guardianship and ask a judge to make decisions about your treatment. Most of us would rather have a trusted family member make this decision than a total stranger.

It may seem unnecessary to prepare health care documents before you go on a trip but when accidents happen your legal needs are not often protected and important decisions can be left up to disinterested parties, limiting close family involvement. If you want to learn about employer liable for an employee’s car accident, visit Tingey Injury Law Firm’s website.

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