The Ultimate Gift

I sat down with some of my family members this past weekend to watch The Ultimate Gift movie. Every time I watch the movie I am inspired by the great message. It is a movie the entire family can enjoy. Jason Stevens embarks on a yearlong journey and discovers life changing lessons, forges meaningful relationships that he never knew could exist and learns to give back to others in need. I have handed out a number of the  Ultimate Gift books. I am curious the reaction any of you have had to the message of the book and movie. By the way if you have not had a chance to see the movie you can rent it at your local video store or buy for about $10.00 at

Please note that the book and the movie have some differences. In the book Red Stevens is Jason’s great uncle. In the movie he is Jason’s grandfather. In the movie, Emily, the young girl with cancer (portrayed by Abigail Breslin) will steal your heart. If you would like see the trailer for this movie follow this link: at

I would like to encourage you to get share your thoughts and experiences you have gained from the lessons from the book. In the movie the first gift is work. Jason is sent to Texas to work on a ranch. Gus and red had to be great friends for Gus to take in Jason for a month sight unseen. What was your reaction to Jason’s wakeup call from Gus?

In the movie the author Jim Stovall has a brief appearance as a limo driver. Remember he is blind. When I had a chance to meet Jim Stovall he explained that his appearance turned this family movie into an action adventure.

If you would like to look at a faith based discussion guide click here.



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