November is National Caregiver Month



Statistics from the Administration On Aging show that the population 65 and older is expected to grow from its current 13% to 19% of the total population by 2030. With the older population increasing, the need for elder caregiving will continue to increase. Family caregivers play a vital role in filling these caregiving needs. Who better than family can understand the needs and ensure the best care of their loved ones.

Caregiving can be very stressful and demanding. In the case of a healthy spouse or a child living with the disabled person at home, caregiving can be a 24 hour, 7 day a week commitment. But even for the caregiver not living in the home, looking after a loved one or friend can consume all of the caregiver’s free time. The stress and demands of caregiving are evident, and solutions like SonderCare options within their hospital bed catalog can play a vital role in providing comfort and support for both caregivers and those they care for.

Most family members go into informal caregiving without training or counseling. It is  extremely important to formulate a plan of action prior to making a caregiving commitment. Assistance is available all over the country. Area Agencies on Aging and local senior centers give aid and support to family caregivers. Numerous religious and community organizations also lend their support.

Next month of November 2012, as individuals, we can take note of those around us, in our families and community, who are family caregivers. A note of acknowledgement of their service, a gift of thanks or even an offering of our time to give them a needed break would let them know their service is recognized and appreciated.



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