The Gift of Grandchildren

The economic crisis has prompted many people to stick their head in the sand and do nothing to reevaluate their financial and estate plans. Your phone has been pretty quiet. How about giving your most important clients a call to talk about the Gift of their Grandchildren. Do you know the names of their grandchildren? Do you have education funds (529 plans) in place for their grandchildren? Now is the ideal time to be setting up 529 plans. We know that grandchildren are the reward for surviving the children. Grandchildren are near and dear to your clients.

The famous bumper sticker says “If I had known how wonderful the grandchildren were I would have had them first.”

Ask them if they are concerned about who would take care of their grandchildren if something were to happen to their own children.  Let your clients know that a wonderful gift they can give to their children is to pay for an estate plan for their children. Let them know that a will is the only place where Guardians of the children can be named. Without a will the court will name the guardians.

This gives you an opportunity to help your best clients and have something to talk to them about on this important topic. Be proactive. Get your phone ringing. Get appointments with those important clients.



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